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  1. timv
    MerleFest anyone?
    Starts tomorrow! I might show up Saturday and/or Sunday, depending on how behind I still am on my real-world job.
  2. timv
    This is part of a reply that I posted in the "Major Influences on Bluegrass Music" thread:

    "The parallels between bebop and bluegrass are many. Aside from sharing virtually the same birthday, each was created by a small, readily identifiable group of founders—unlike, say the blues, whose origins are more murky. And interestingly, several of those men were born within a 60-mile radius: Earl Scruggs, born in Shelby, North Carolina; Doc Watson in Deep Gap, North Carolina; Thelonious Monk in Rocky Mount, North Carolina; John Coltrane from Hamlet, North Carolina; and Dizzy Gillespie from Cheraw, South Carolina."

    It's from an address given by Roger Brown, the president of the Berklee College of Music, at the IBMA meeting last fall.
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