Monroe doc on TNN

  1. mandolirius
    While doing some house cleaning and off-loading of excess stuff, I came across my old VCR and some tapes. One of them was recorded (not by me) off The Nashville Network. Judging by the commericials, it looks like mid-to-late 80's vintage. It features Monroe talking with John Hartford at the old Monroe family home and lots of clips of Ricky Skaggs and various bluegrass boys. Anyone know if this is available on DVD? It's quite good. Some great clips of the BGB's live. There's a good medium/close shot of Monroe kicking off Roanoke. Maybe I can finally learn how to do that right.
  2. Mike Bunting
    I'm wondering if some of that is on The Father Of Bluegrass DVD. There are scenes of Skaggs and Mon sitting round a campfire and playing Jenny Lynn.
    Re, kicking off Roanoke, I cain't hardly even hear that fast, let alone play it!
  3. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    There are also scenes of Bill and Ricky doing "Tombstone Junction" around the campfire. And yes, that's the Father of Bluegrass DVD. That Roanoke kickoff is just nuts. The extreme "here ya go, this is the tempo, now PLAY' wussy counting or anything.
  4. evanreilly
    I sliced out the kick to 'Roanoke' and used Amazing Slow Downer to make a little clip of it at 1/2 speed.
    I can play it, but have never tried kicking it off in a jam. Most times, a fiddle just tears into it.
  5. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    I've done the same thing using vid as MP3, slowdown in WMP.
  6. Mike Bunting
    The Ultimate DVD Player put out by the ASD people will slow down DVDs and loop etc.
  7. mandolirius
    Alas, I've only got it on VHS. But I'll get it, even if I wind up wearing out the tape to do it.
  8. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    The lick is actually quite simple in content, it's the inflection and the insane speed that daunts the fingers....
  9. mandolirius
    True, it's just a broken arpeggio in G. It's mostly a challenge for the right hand.
  10. jmpullen
    Does that mean the left hand part is easy ????
  11. Mike Bunting
    What kills me is the way those arpeggios are broken up in his music, e.g. AC#C#E, EF#F#A, AC#C#E, EAA....etc starting from the low A. I mean the arpeggios he plays in general, I was thinking here about Pike County in A.
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