Jam date set!

  1. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I'm going to go ahead and set the date for Saturday, November 21. 1:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Alcohol free and we'll provide most of the food but if those of you who live close can bring some sort of dish, that would be great. Maybe the ones that live farther can bring pop, chips or cookies/brownies (something you don't have to worry about keeping hot or cold). We'll nail down the details a little farther along. NOTE: We're providing SUPPER, but will have snacks set out all afternoon.

    Will need a definite head count when it gets close to make sure there's enough food and seating. Spouses (and musical friends) welcome. We will probably be mandolin-heavy, so if you play something else, bring it along! A friend who lives close and is planning on attending has offered to bring a doghouse bass (always nice to have).

    PM me with your email and I'll send you my address and phone.

    Can't wait to meet ya'll!

  2. Dukaine

    I've looked at all the calendars I have to live by and I think the 21st is perfect. Count me in, I'll see what I can bring. You're probably not more than an hour from here. My in-laws live in Eaton - it sounds like your close to them. I'll bring my guitar as well as my mandolin.
  3. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Hey Dave, you might actually be able to find my house if you already know where Eaton is! lol You're right, should take you right about an hour.
  4. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    It was brought to my attention that the 21st is also the OSU vs. Michigan game day... please be assured that there will be at least one TV in the house on during game time so you may check the score as frequently as you like! lol
  5. Dukaine
    I'm more interested in the music than the game.
  6. Dukaine
    PS. We have to take lots of pictures to post on our group site.
  7. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Hey David, I figure there will be those who'd like to know what's going on with the big rivalry, so if that were to be a sticking point I figured I'd better give them some reassurance! lol And I plan on having the hubs take lots of pictures, and maybe some video. =o)
  8. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Just so ya'll will be prepared for my appearance... I am having outpatient surgery (a 2-step procedure) the Monday and Tuesday before the jam. I am having skin cancer removed from the side of my nose, so I am sure I'll have a big honkin' bandage when you get here! lol
  9. Mark Duluk
    Mark Duluk
    Hi Tracy!
    Thanks for gettin' this started! I'm up in NEO (Ceveland/Akron-area pickers, drop a line if you like) so your place is a bit far but I'll look forward to hearing about it (or seeing some of it on video). Just wanted to let you know: I'm having some skin cancer (carcinoma) removed from the side of my nose too! It'll be Monday, so I'm in solidarity with you, and might let you know just how honkin' the bandage is so you can decide if video is a good idea or not! Best regards, Mark
  10. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Hey Mark, Monday as in tomorrow? I'll be praying for you. Too bad you can't make the trek down for the jam! I don't much care how big the bandage is, I'm just planning on having a good time. Video is OK with me; I have a friend who (worst case scenario) has offered to loan me his extra set of Groucho Marx glasses (glasses, nose, mustache) lol so nobody will ever know! I'm not too terribly vain so it's no big deal. I just hope I don't have to have stitches removed the day before or anything; more worried about the pain causing me to have not quite as much fun as I'm planning! lol Is yours a single procedure? You'll have to give me the skinny on it afterwards.
  11. Mark Duluk
    Mark Duluk
    Hello Tracy!
    Thanks for the prayers; I really appreciate it. Had the procedure on Monday; it was a single procedure, but it took 3 shots to get it all (there's a name for this kinda surgery, not sure what it is) with 30-40 minutes between when they check under a microscope to make sure they got it all while removing as little of your nose as possible. Pretty amazing! Since mine was in the middle, they had to move some skin over from above to fill the gap. 16(!) tiny stitches - surgeon was awesome - and need to change the dressing daily. But the pain is not bad at all; nothing Tylenol won't help, so put those worries to rest and plan to have fun - your evident sense of humor will get you through I think! (Had a big project interview Wednesday, and a 4-hour morning design meeting today, so went and got some tan-colored tape Tuesday; it's a lot less obtrusive than the blinding white one I had on the first day!) My advice: rest with your head back at an angle as much as you can and take it REAL EASY the first coupla days to limit pressure that might cause bleeding; by the 3rd day you'll be good to go. I'm healing up fine now, stitches come out Monday (1 week) and they tell me it won't be noticeable within 6 weeks.
    So: Tan tape or Groucho nose & glasses - either one works! (I'm just so grateful to have health insurance). Thanks again for your prayers; I'll send mine your way, hope your surgery goes as well as mine has so far, and will look forward to hearing about the jam! Warm regards, Mark
  12. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Mohs surgery - I'm having the same procedure, but my plastic surgeon won't close it until the next day. Thanks for the details, that helps me a lot! Will continue praying for your healing. =o)
  13. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    All right, ladies and gentlemen! This is a little early, but I have had my pre-op visit and it's looking like it may be a little more involved than I first thought, so I'm going to have to make preparations in advance as much as I can. SO, that being said, I'm going to ask that you give me a roll call by next Wednesday, Nov. 11 if at all possible. Let me know how many people will be with you so I can be sure I will have enough to feed ya'll dinner. I mentioned before that I might ask you to contribute something; I think we will be covered, but if you want to bring some snack-type food, that would be fine.

    So far I've got a tentative count of 13 attending so it looks like we're going to have a good turnout. You may respond here, or pm me with the info. Let me know if you need my address.

    I am very excited to see my 'old' friends, and meet my new ones!

  14. KyleBerry
    Is there some songs that we should learn so that we can all play several of the same songs?
  15. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    There's a list a mile long of possible jam songs! lol If somebody wants to throw out some titles, that's fine.
  16. Dukaine
    I'll bring my bluegrass gospel song book. It's printed by Native Ground and has over 100 songs. But I'm sure there wont be any lack of music when you get that many players together.
  17. KyleBerry
    Well I doubt I will do any breaks to songs so I can chop to all the songs. I'm sure songs like: Bluegrass Stomp, Southern Flavor, Angeline Baker, Old Joe Clark, or some others most of them will know.
  18. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Hey Tracy, I should be there and will probably drag some of my guys with me. Will there be a banjo picker there? I doubt Jim will be able to make it.
  19. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Awesome, awesome! I'm getting so excited. Can't wait to get us all together! Darrin - I am pretty sure Brian Aldridge is coming and he may bring his Loar. You'll be sorry after about 15 minutes when it 'wakes up' and you can't hear yourself think! lol It's an amazing instrument. I'll put the word out that we need a banjo player. Was hoping Mike Terry would come (Joe Mullins' mandolin player; he also plays banjo, was jamming with him last night) but he'll be in KY next weekend.
  20. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Found a banjo player!
  21. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Just thought I'd let ya'll know that my first surgery is over and, if tomorrow goes as well, I will be in great shape for Saturday. I will warn you, however - I was told that my left eye will swell and blacken, so be prepared for some ugly when you get here! lol

    Can't wait to see everyone!
  22. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Well you said you found a Banjo player, so I assumed I would see ugly anyway! hehe
  23. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Lyle wont be able to make it but I can thump a bass a bit as long as it's nothing too crazy....
  24. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    LOL Darrin! I am working on a bass player, too; I'll know tonight if he's coming.
  25. DannyB
    Wish I could make it! Thanksgiving with the kids cause everyone is gone next weekend.
    By the way Darrin, how's that Poe treating you? I sold my Stanley and got me a 95 F5L which for my taste sounds fantastic!
  26. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Wish you could make it too, Danny! I'm shooting for another jam in the spring when everyone is stir crazy. Maybe you'll be able to make the next one!
  27. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Hey Danny, long time. Poe is doing well. Hven't been played much lately. Can't go wrong with a Gibson! Hey Tracy text me your address so I can punch it inot the ole GPS. I prob won't be there till around 4pm it will just be me and Tim. Looking forward to it. Save us some food!!
  28. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Darrin, not eating until 5ish and there will be PLENTY!!
  29. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Wanted to thank everyone for such a great afternoon and evening! In attendance were:
    Darrin Tissandier (F5Gwiz) and his bandmate Tim
    John Gardinsky (Taurodont)
    Kyle Berry
    Brian Aldridge and his friend Floyd Alexander (bass player)
    Leigh Ann Inskeep-Simpson (LateBloomer)
    Dave Smith (Dukaine)
    Bernie Daniel
    Chad Wilson (a classmate of mine)
    Johnny Wax (banjo player)

    We had a great time and passed mandolins around all evening. Hope to do it again soon! Weather will be a big factor as I don't exactly have on-street parking out here in the boondocks. If someone else wants to host the next one, feel free!
  30. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    A couple videos of the jam, thanks to Kyle Berry.

    Brian Aldridge, Darrin Tissandier and Floyd Alexander playing Rawhide

    John Gardinsky & Brian Aldridge playing Roanoke (and you can see half of me until Darrin gets in the way! lol)
  31. Vernold of the Norf
    Vernold of the Norf
    WoW!!! good pickers. Looks like I missed another good jam. Maybe next time I can make it.
  32. Don
    Double WOW! Looks like a great time,
  33. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I'd love to schedule another one soon but I don't have parking available! Gonna have to wait until things dry out around here.
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