Monroe Movies?

  1. Marty Henrickson
    Marty Henrickson
    Okay, I've got "Bill Monroe, The Father of Bluegrass", and "The Legend Lives On". What other DVD's do I need, as a Monroe maniac / bluegrass nut?
  2. Billy1
    " The Mandolin of Bill Monroe" is a must for sure.
  3. mandozilla
    Marty what about High Lonesome? It's about bluegrass in general but there's a lot of old Bill in it. And Billy's right, "The Mandolin of Bill Monroe" is a must have...John Hartford's in it too.
  4. Marty Henrickson
    Marty Henrickson
    Sounds good, I've had "High Lonesome" on my amazon wishlist for quite a while now, just never have pulled the trigger on it. Is "The Mandolin of Bil Monroe" an instructional video? I guess I can just google it......thanks guys.
  5. Scott Tichenor
    Scott Tichenor
    My favorite:

  6. Mike Bunting
    and it ain't even April!
  7. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    Brad Pitt as Flatt, what a colossal mismatch. As colossal as Flatt's own mispronunciations of things.
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