Seeking mandolin player in Delaware area

  1. Gereg
    Hello; I'm new here. And just to be clear, I'm not a mandolin player myself: I'm just looking to connect with one. (Okay, I have a 10-string bouzouki, but I cheat: it's tuned like the low end of a 12-string guitar.) Mostly, I'm a guitarist, pennywhistler, mountain dulcimer player, traditional British-Isles-style singer and songwriter; and I'm hoping to put a small group together in or around Delaware to play - primarily - original material. (An assortment of English, Scottish and Irish songs by the incomparable Trad. Arr. are in the current repertory as well.)
    Sonomabob, a California picker who plays with an old friend of mine, suggested I check the Cafe to find a mando player. By way of reference, my originals occupy a field loosely staked out by early Paul Simon in one corner, Loreena McKennitt in another, acoustic Jethro Tull material in a third, and a poor man's Martin Carthy or Nic Jones off in the fourth. It's not that I sound precisely like any of those, but that should give you a reasonable idea of what kind of material is involved.
    If you're interested, or can put me in touch with someone who might be, I'd love to hear from you.
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion, in progress...
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