PA system for OT bands??

  1. woodwizard
    We are experimenting. My OT band has just purchased a Bose L1 model II tower PA with the tone match audio engine / single base & tone match speaker pkg and a Shure KSM44 mic. Pretty nice stuff we think. We have the mic and the PA should be here any day for us to start trying out. Just was wondering what other OT bands are using for a PA? We have other mic's we could use as well but was hoping for a one mic type set-up. Has anyone used the tower Bose system? This is kind of exciting for my band. Normally someone else always has a PA set-up for us when we play or we just play acousticly.
  2. woodwizard
    Well we got the Bose system in and so far only me and the guitar player have got to try it out. We played for a couple of hours today through it and my first impression is it is Sweeeeeeeettttttt! The sound was awesome! Using only the KSM44 Shure mic worked fantastic. Now we got to get the whole band together and do some playing and experimenting. I'm not sure yet but I think we might need to mic the bass. We'll see. My first thoughts are at this time ... this is a great PA for an all accoustic string band.
  3. catmandu2

    Yes, mic the bass..
  4. woodwizard
    Finally! We have a gig to try out our new Bose PA at a cool Fish & BBQ/Pub next Sat 7-24-10. Feedback later!
  5. woodwizard
    Our 1st gig with the new PA at a BBQ/Pub the other night. This Tower Bose system is just perfect for us! It's the way to go for us for sure. The system performed flawless. The coolest thing is how our monitors are our own ears as we used a Shure KSM44 mic. Also the system is so light and easy to set up and breakedown and carry around. We are very happy campers. We feel that we are getting a really accoustic sound out of the system just like we were hoping for.
  6. woodwizard
    We are just loving this PA! No need to mic the bass at all. The KSM44 Shure mic picks it up wonderfully. We're using it set just a tad lower than chest high and another Shure mic up higher to assit vocals. It's really working good for us.
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