What kind of instrument?

  1. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    Now we got two pictures of simular instruments here - the second one added by me today. The painting is by Fra Angelico, and it's from about 1440. The instrument has three single strings, but looks very much like a mandolin. The right hand technique looks interesting as well. Any comments?
  2. Mike-D
    This instrument is most likely a gittern which is described as a short necked, round backed, lute with a sickle shaped pegbox by Lawrence Wright in The Medieval Gittern and Citole: A case of mistaken identity. Another more accessible article can be found here: http://www.diabolus.org/guide/gittern.htm
  3. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    Yes, you are probably right, about that, Mike. The only confusing part is that it has three single strings, while the gittern around 1450 had 5 courses (according to the text). But there were sure differnt models of the instrument...
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