Strad Pickguard?

  1. Jimmie
    If by any chance someone has a pickguard for a 1935 Strad (or an excellent facsimile of same), I would very much like to purchase it. Everything on my Strad is original, so it would be nice to have the pickguard back on as well. Thanks.
  2. MikeEdgerton
    The pickguards on the Strad-O-Lins changed moment by moment. I have one that is in a almost transparent tortoise shell and I have had (and) seen others that we solid black. It's probably going to be easier to find someone to reconstruct what you have than it is to find one just floating around. Can you post a picture of your mandolin so we can at least see what might have been on it? Has your Strad got the tailpiece cover as well?
  3. Jimmie
    Thanks, Mike. I'll get photos up once I have it cleaned up a bit -- and find my camera. I know it's a long shot, and will have no problem getting a copy made, but thought someone out there might have a pickguard from an instrument beyond repair, etc. Mine's a pretty standard model (though knowing Strads, "standard" isn't particularly apt): rounded headstock, dark sunburst top, dark sides and bottom, StradOLin decal with musical note beneath, date-stamped Feb 1935. No tailpiece cover, just the cloud.
  4. bmac
    The pick guard on my Stradolin 1935 (or 36) is dark brown approaching black or black approaching dark brown) and should be quite easy to duplicate if one can find the proper color and thickness plastic. I think it is worth a try if you really want one.

    By the way,, I play mine almost daily and the pick guard has kept the surface in really pristine condition as I do sometimes post a finger or drag a fingernail on it. I have a new replacement tailpiece on mine and am looking for an original tailpiece or tailpiece cover. Mine is a really nice sounding instrument.

  5. MikeEdgerton
    If there was no pickguard material that was riveted to the tailpiece cover then chances are it was plain. I always thought black. Maybe you could get another owner to trace the outline of their's and send it to you. Look through the pictures on this social group and see who has posted one like yours. Frank Ford has a nice article on shaping pickguards on
  6. Michael Richmond
    Michael Richmond
    I would be happy to provide an outline tracing of the pickguard on the Stradolin shown below. I anticipate needing to temporarily remove the pickguard while restoring this mandolin to playing condition.

    If this mandolin is close to the OP this would be the perfect opportunity to trace the outline.

  7. Jimmie
    mrichmond: Many thanks. It appears that we have the same model. A tracing would be absolutely great. Just sent a pm.
  8. Bruce Clausen
    Bruce Clausen
    I've added to the SG gallery a photo of the guard from my Strad. Instrument is probably a mid-1930s "Artist" model. Guard is a black-white-black sandwich of shiny plastic, and was held on with two wood screws fed through crude wooden spacers (for height) right into the top.
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