Newbie with Vintage Stradolin

  1. robroy
    Hi folks! I lucked onto the nice Stradolin you see in the photos I just posted. Being a kind of gambling man, I picked it up on ebay. First mandolin I've ever had and I'm so happy I finally got around to getting one.

    I like playing simple rhythmic stuff with open strings whenever possible and this mandolin works great for that. I can't imagine needing a more expensive model for a long time, but we'll see how that goes.

    I'd love input from those more knowledgeable than me regarding the mandolin's age and any nice features it might have..... The elevated fingerboard is pretty cool I think. I don't know if it's a solid maple back or some type of laminated maple.

    Hope everyone's enjoying a great Thanksgiving weekend.

    best, Robert
  2. Doc Simons
    Doc Simons
    Very sweet. have a similar one that is completely beat up, cosmetically, but great. I have finish envy. Mazel tov!
  3. bmac
    Yours appears to be identical to mine with one exception... The headstock art work is different. Mine has the stencil type face (all-caps) STRADOLIN with art work below depicting (suggesting) strings and a feather plectrum. otherwise they appear identical. I've had mine apart for repairs and yes the front and back (and sides) are of the same wood steam pressed into shape. A very hard and tough wood... I'm guessing maple. If yours is the same construction as mine there is no plywood.

    In my opinion you have a real beauty! hope it sounds as good as it looks.

    PS.: You may be able to read the year of build if it has one... Mine is inside on the back...You may need a dental mirror and a good light source but on mine the year is stamped on the inside back just below the neck attachment. Mine dates 1935(6?).

  4. robroy
    Thanks for your replies! Bart, with your help, I did find the date stamp on mine, though it's a little smudged.... looks like July 22, 1941, but it's really hard to tell, for sure.

    It is a beauty that sounds real nice to my ear. I put J-74s on and it has a vibrant tone. I love the woodiness of the open strings too.

    best, Robert
  5. DerTiefster

    Your mandolin back looks like a flat-sawn grain pattern, which is typically what you get when peeling a log with a blade to get layers for plywood. The back on my new Strad looks more like the material on
    Doc's Orpheum in or
    Spruce's Strad in
    It is a sort of quilted/flame pattern which appears to my (absolutely impartial, of course) eyes to be grain-aligned from inside to outside. I conclude the back of my 2-point (also like Doc's Orpheum, but with a U-Strad-S headstock emblem) is solid wood. I'll be looking for a date stamp inside mine, following you and Bart. I haven't made photos yet for posting here, but here's one of the headstock made by the Previous Owner.

    Wow! inserting that image actually -worked- (at least for me while I'm viewing). Great.
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