Cecilia - 13th century

  1. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    Here's a recording of a melody that I made for a poem from the 13th century called Cecilia. Of course it's about love. Recorded on my cremonese - 4 gutstrings, almost in tune this time... I think this one will make you feel a bit

  2. Mike-D
    Very nice Simen!
  3. billkilpatrick
    very soulful tune - where can we read the poem?
  4. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    Well, the poem is again one of those latin originals that has been translated into oldfashion Norwegian. I've tried to find an English translation, but without success.

    Here is an extremly poor translation of some of the words:

    I fell in love with Cecilia
    you don't have to worry about her!
    I will take care of her
    let her grow into a woman
    If you think I will come too close to her
    you are truely mistaken

    Well, if you make that rime, somehow, you are pretty close. The poem can be sung to the melodi that I've made, but please don't try that with the translation...
  5. billkilpatrick
    that's fabulous - an acceptible-ish, lewis carroll-ish side of pedophilia. do you know who was the original (latin) poet?
  6. Simen Kjaersdalen
    Simen Kjaersdalen
    I've done some research, and found that the original is in the Carmina Burana, Hilka-Schumann version. Here is a link that might be to some help. The poet is a student, then, anonymous.

  7. billkilpatrick
    amor purus ... ahhh - complimenti for your e-scholarship, simen - thank you.
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