tuner peg bushings: how useful to retrofit?

  1. DerTiefster
    I'd really like to know how useful it is to add tuner bushings to the headstocks of these old Strads. This is not to add value in $, but in utility and happiness during use. More better is more happier, and if it only costs a few $, then it stands a chance of being worth while.

    But I've never done such a thing and don't know what the sensitivities are. Does a body need a specially sized reamer to get a tight fit? a reamer specially sized to the bushings? A competent luthier?
  2. Maxwellt
    My original Strad-O-Lin had bushings on it already when I got it in 1972. Since this seemed to work well, I've added bushings to several Strad-O-Lins over the years. It did tend to make the tuners move better. Some of the original holes were not always drilled very well. I use the small ones available from your standard sources, and are very inexpensive. I have replaced the tuners on a couple of the Strad-O-Lins with new Schaler tuners, which work very well, and when I did that, I used the same bushings that would have been on the Strad-O-Lin originally, as opposed to the huge bushings that come with those tuners. As always, if you aren't comfortable doing something yourself, find someone you trust to do the work.
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