Local Jams

  1. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Hey all. This coming Saturday which would be the 30th in Fayetteville Ohio at the Shake Shack/Garneto's pizza just south of town on SR 68 at noon there will be a free concert/jam. A local band will be putting on a free show with lots of jamming and of course ice cream. I will be there along with some of the former members of Eastern Sky, my old band. Come and do some pickin should be a great day.

  2. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Was the concert at the church in St. Martin? So Fayetteville is a little south of there?
  3. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Yeah Tracy it is only a couple miles from St. Martin. Thanks for the check by the way. I can't remember if I told you.
  4. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    You're welcome.
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