Are there any hardcore old-time pickers in Japan????

  1. woodwizard
    Are there any hardcore old-time pickers in Japan? YES! And I can prove it. While on vacation to Japan recently I got to pick some great OT with four great OT pickers downtown Tokyo. It was awesome! I found out by them that there are less than 20 true old-time pickers in all of Japan. ... And I was picking with four of them. Call me lucky I guess. I have about 3 youtubes of the pickin uploaded so far.
  2. woodwizard
    Here's one of just me and my clawhammer pickin' friend Hiromasa Kase pickin' a little bit of "Hell Amongst the Yearlings"
  3. woodwizard
    And lastly some "Big Sciota" pickin' ... It was so much FUN!"]URL=""][/URL][/URL]
  4. woodwizard
    I'm really hoping & praying my Japanese OT pickin' friends are making OK after that earthquake.
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