How big is your saddle?

  1. liestman
    Would any of you please measure how wide your saddle is - that is the strip of black painted maple that holds up the strings on top of the 40mm circular biscuit on top of the cone. (At least it would be called a saddle if it were a guitar.) Mine is 56mm wide at the base, MEASURED WHERE IT JOINS THE BISCUIT (not up where the strings sit), which allows a pretty wide string spacing at the bridge/biscuit/saddle of 44mm.

    It appears that replacement biscuits being sold and currently made have the same 40mm biscuit but with a saddle that is only 46mm wide, so you get a standard mandolin string spacing of about 40mm.

    I am trying to figure out if mine is an oddball or if we all have oddballs. Thanks!
  2. coolwood
    My saddle looks to be approximately 56 mm. It's hard to measure it with it in place. The saddle is rectangular and appears to be the same both where it joins the biscuit and where the strings sit.

    Mine looks just like the one on the national resophonic site.
  3. dcoventry
    My saddle is big enough for the little, tiny horse I put it on.

    Sorry, that silly statement has been wanting to come out for a few days.
  4. liestman
    dcoventry - I love it!

    Mystery solved: the replacement I bought from one of my still-favorite retailers was mislabeled - and the excellent people at National are sending me the right replacement for the replacement for free when I tried to buy one directly! What a great bunch of folks!
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