I like to hear your stories about Northfield Workshop mandolins.

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  1. ll144
    I just asked a few questions at Elderly Instruments and the lady said they are getting about 1 Northfied a month and I'm number 5 on the list.She said I might get mine around August.I was hoping for June but oh well.
  2. nickster
    Did you order a standard model? It must be that most orders recently are for Big Mon's which don't go through Elderly but are custom order directly from Northfield. My guess is they are making 3 or 4 mandolins a month whether it is a standard or Big Mon.
  3. ll144
    Yes,I ordered a standard with modern specs.I was thinking about ordering a Big Mon but went the cheaper path, probably should've ordered a Big Mon.
  4. nickster
    You can email Adrian with Northfield and he will give you a better delivery estimate. Elderly kept pushing mine out every time I contacted them. Adrian was much closer to actual delivery. It will be worth the wait so be patient. Mine took me 3 months but I was on the early order list before the rush started.
  5. dhuttonsr
    I should have #99 by fie evening. Will try to post some pictures. Adrian was supposed to send me several pictures but hasn't yet.
  6. nickster
    It sounds like your mandolin is in shipment. I know how the excitement feels cause I've been there. Once I tuned it up to standard I could tell it had a good sound. That sound will change over the next 3 to 4 days because it's settling in. Every time I picked it up I had to retune it. On the 5th day, that is the tone I have now.
  7. dhuttonsr
    Supposed to ship it by Wed. Should have by Fri... Getting very anxious. Wanted Adrian to send some pictures but he is too busy running around doing something.. Not very happy with him as I wanted to drive up and get it today but he said it was not ready yet. I had today off and he is about 5 hrs away .Excuses Excuses about getting it when I had the time to go up and get it and still no pictures as he promised to do over the weekend.
  8. ll144
    Adrain just e-mailed me and said I should get mine in July.I think he is trying to keep everyone updated.I'm sure he's a busy man.
  9. dhuttonsr
    Just added three pictures Adrian sent me today. Should have by Fri.. Can hardly wait. Getting so excited.. Check out the flame on the back.. I think this one will be the "Stelling" killer I wanted.
  10. nickster
    Just looked at the photos. Very nice indeed.
  11. dhuttonsr
  12. Mandosummers
    Here are a couple of photos Adrian sent about three weeks ago of my Northfield modern in the varnishing process:

  13. nickster
    It looks like you will be getting yours in the near future. Nice looking flame.
  14. ll144
    Mandosummers do you know what number your mandolin will be? Pictures look very nice.
  15. Mandosummers
    Not sure about #... here are a couple more photos. I did not go for the premium wood upgrade. I told Adrian I'm ALL about tone. It has to be 1.Loud, 2. Woody, 3. Balanced. I'll know within about 25 notes if it has "it" or not. If not, shes going back!

  16. nickster
    I'm with you mandosummers. If I had the extra cash I might have gone with the wood upgrade but my experience is it doesn't mean better tone. For 1000.00 I would also expect a rare quilted maple one piece back and not just evenly spaced narrow flame. I'm not knocking the folks that went this route because like I said if I had the money I might have went that way too. Nice looking mando mandosummers.
  17. Gabriel Wiseman
    Gabriel Wiseman
    Love those ebony tuning pegs! Wish mine had those. Do you guys know anything about where to get some? Mine came with the standard pearl pegs. I bought it yesterday and am loving it so far. I hope everyone is happy with theirs when they arrive! Let us know.
  18. nickster
    Adrian said the black buttons are made by them. They are made with some kind of wood (not ebony) and dyed black. Email Adrian and see if you can purchase some.
  19. dhuttonsr
    Mine is #99. Be here Fri by 4:30 p.m.... Can hardly wait. It is all about the wood. Better wood usually means better sound.
  20. ll144
    dhuttonsr,let us know how you like it when you get it.What do you think the odds are that mine will be 144 in July.
  21. kjewell21
    I spoke to Adrian this morning and my #98 is in the mail and should have it tomorrow sometime. It's being delivered to my work location here in NJ.....looks like I'm not doing much work in the PM!!! Yes he IS really busy and he is the nicest guy to work with. Being a part-time bird carver myself I can defintely acknowledge the amount of stress he most be going through. The workmanship is amazing of what I've been seeing so far!!! You guys will be hearing some loud fiddle tunes from Jersey tomorrow!!!!
  22. Mandosummers
    FYI... Northfield Big Mon is listed in the classifieds. May be sold already.
  23. nickster
    I wonder how it got some finish checking so fast. Mine hasn't done that.
  24. ll144
    Are any Northfied owners going to Delfest?
  25. kjewell21
    I recieved my #98 on friday and its great!! Beautiful workmanship and tone! I stayed it at a gig yesterday and its responde with doublestops is amazing! I will message to get an adjustment at the nut....but Thats it......love it. The responde up the necio is great as well......!
  26. nickster
    kjewell21, post some photos when you have a chance. We would love to see them. Congrats on getting a great mandolin.
  27. dhuttonsr
    Got #99 Fri and it sounds great already. Been putting a Tone-Rite vibrator on it when not playing. Seem to make a difference as it is already sounding great. Love the G & D string sound as they really bark but in a mellow way.
  28. nickster
    I got a Bobelock Fiberglass case for my Northfield last Friday and the more I use it the more I like it. I took some photos with the mando in the case and can be seen here: http://webpages.charter.net/nickyste...belock%20Case/
    The mandolin continues to open up, sounding better everyday.

  29. ll144
    Very very nice,i guess I'll have to get a case like that if I ever get my Northfield.Your mandolin looks perfect.The pictures show a lot of detail.can you get any other colors?
  30. nickster
    You can get the case in Red, Blue, Black, Ivory, Green. I bought mine from here: http://www.dietzemusiconline.com/pro...85420d8032b0ea
    They had the lowest price I could find.
  31. Ed McGarrigle
    Ed McGarrigle
    Got my Calhoun a couple weeks ago from the shop in Michigan. I hadn’t played one and honestly haven’t much experience with many mandolins. I’m a returning beginner whose made stabs at playing in the past but last round was about 12 years ago when I quit due to a hand injury. I’ve been playing an early 80’s Washburn, had briefly owned a Flatiron Performer at the time of the injury.Also owned a Weber Y2K for a brief period before the Flatiron. Now, I’m focusing on Irish Trad and couldn’t be happier than I am with the Calhoun. When I contacted the shop they were working on a batch of Calhouns and got it about 3 weeks later.
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