who picked up the blonde Strad at auction? 330575197066

  1. DerTiefster
    The instrument that was very recently sold looks a -lot- like the two-pointer I have. It may be a bit older (a guess due to tailpiece, dark pickguard, apparent MOP fret buttons - but a guess only). It's beautiful and has very nice-looking wood. I hope its sound is similarly top drawer. The images are now in my (very limited) archive. I may put one or two up for comparison to my two-point US-Strad. The item no. in the title lets interested readers to look at the pics themselves for a while. I hope someone here got it and will put up some pics/info/history. It may still be in transit, as things "closed" only 2-3 days ago. I got no history with my purchase. The joys and sorrows of humanity, stories ebbing away ....
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