saddle compensation and material

  1. DerTiefster
    Is the saddle on the x05/x07 models (white insert into fixed wood base) made of ivory or bone? I have a 1919 model mandola (11-1/2" width, 15" scale length) with a white insert that I -think- is bone but I don't know whether it might be ivory.

    And that mandola has string compensation built in for the mandolin w/w/s/s string construction (wound/wound/solid/solid) customary with mandolins. I have seen (and will be receiving soon) a mandola with mandola w/w/w/s compensation pattern. This question seems very interesting to me, whether Vega sold mandolas with saddles compensated for different string set choices.

    All information appreciated. I'll be putting some bridge pics in the picture section. Any pics anyone wants to place there in addition will be appreciated. Thanks.
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