Anyone interested in a group audio effort?

  1. DerTiefster
    I was listening to Eddie's Canon in D (Pachelbel) video. thanks Eddie. And it occurred to me while further perusing the cafe's Vega info squirreled away here and there, that there are enough Vega CylinderBack instruments in hand among the participants here to be able to assemble a pretty nice mandolin orchestra.

    Is anyone interested in participating in such a thing? It sounds like -great- fun to me. My wife's iMac seems like a good place for me to try to record any lines that might be accessible to me (garage band seems to be installed). I have a functional (enough) 15" mandola. Eddie has a bunch of things, Zookster acquired a mandocello(!) that he promised he'd let folks hear -sometime- but that was just weeks and weeks ago.

    So, if anyone else is interested, I'm game, too.

    I'll even make a tune suggestion. It -would- probably make a great group effort to do something like the Julaida Polka:
    g C C. B A A g g
    I have a girlfriend

    e... g g e f f d d
    she is...a honey.

    D... D D C B. B.. A A
    She on--ly loves me -

    g..... g. g g# A A g g
    when I've got mo-ney...

    A truly memorable song. Naturally I denoted this in the key of C. Upper case notes are in the octave above the lower case notes: abcdefgABCDEFG, with C being middle-C. I might even have done it correctly. It could even be The Third Man theme song. Anyone with a more realistic suggestion? (If I recall correctly, the local-to-me Hampton Roads Mandolin Ensemble worked on the Third Man theme recently, local to me...).

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