bluegrass boys who's who

  1. mandolirius

    This was an interesting find I stumbled across.
  2. Mike Bunting
    Excellent! Bela Fleck!
  3. mandolirius
    The thing I noticed was Red Allen on a couple of show dates in Mar/Apr '67. Boy, would I love to hear those!
  4. Mike Bunting
    I have Dennis Satterlee's biography of Red and he mentions that Red had a couple of gigs with Bill but Red was a little hard to deal with and was a little too inconsistent to stay in the band.
  5. Tom Mullen
    Tom Mullen
    I checked for my name under fill-ins and there I am! It was a great experience playing mandolin as a BGB when Bill could not make the show. I still have it on tape. Bill and Kenny Baker had to leave to do a show elsewhere, leaving Randy Davis, Wayne Lewis, and Bobby Black to fend for themselves for 2 shows. I was jamming with them earlier that day and was asked to play with them for 2 shows. We got a young fiddle player, too....completely unknown to the others. When Wayne introduced him onstage he said to the fiddle player "what was your name again?" Fiddler replied " Sprouse...Blaine Sprouse".
    That was a fun weekend.
  6. Mike Bunting
    Wow, not only a BGB, but filling in for the man himself!
  7. woodwizard
    That is just pretty darn cool Tom!
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