Rich DelGrosso, Time Slips on By

  1. un5trung
    Did everyone see this note from Scott?

    "Five time Blues Music Award nominee Rich DelGrosso and BMA winner Jonn Del Toro Richardson have joined forces to create a new CD, Time Slips on By, set for release on January 18, 2011 on the Mandolin Blues label."
  2. bluesmandolinman
    yep I did and canīt wait for January to purchase a copy
  3. ald
    There are four clips at this link
  4. bluesmandolinman
    ald thanks for the link...
    btw you can order the CD directly at Richīs site ( no need to wait for January ) which I did a few minutes ago ....
    makes me feel so good =)
  5. djidaho
    Sweet, I'll order it from Rich's site tonight. And I'm finally going to fill out the request on the site to get this music played on XM/Sirious satalite radio. I love "Bluesville".

    I'm 2 weeks into reading & learning "From Memphis to Maxwell Street"
  6. djidaho
    It's a "pick to click" on XM Bluesville and getting regular air time. For Mandolin players it's 2011 and one of the best these days has new music out.
  7. Ron McMillan
    Ron McMillan
    I downloaded it, and love it. But purely from a learner's point of view, it's worth knowing that his previous album, Ain't Nobody's Bizness, is more useful as an instructive tool.

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