Blues Mando Recordings

  1. Amandalyn
    I'm starting this thread as a resource to links, etc. of any mandolin blues recordings, old or new out there.
    Here's one from Bert Dievert- his album "Takin Sam's Advise" is recommended:
  2. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling lists this, Charlie McCoy 1928 - 1932, as an offering of theirs.

    Rags, Breakdowns, Stomps and Blues: Vintage Mandolin Music 1927-1946 an import can be had from Amazon at

    I got this info off of Mandolin Radio, MandoKatt's fine site on Old Time Mandolin Music.
  3. JimRichter
    Tribute to Yank Rachell: w/ yours truly, Rich DelGrosso, Bert Deivert, etc.
    Jim Richter and Gordon Bonham: Hootenanny (DVD)
    Yank Rachell: Too Hot For the Devil
    Yank Rachell: Chicago Style
    Yank Rachell: Original Recordings
    Yank Rachell Blind Pig album (can't recall name)
    Sleepy John Estes and Yank Rachell Jg Busters Mandolin Blues: Delmark, prod. Mike Bloomfield
    Johnny Young: Chicago Blues
    Johnny Young: I Can't Keep My Feet From Jumpin'
    Johnny Young: Fat Mandolin
    Johnny Young and His Friends
    Gerry Hundt: Since Way Back
    Rich Delgrosso: Git Your Noze Out of My Bizness
    Rich Delgrosso: Live from Bluesville
    Billy Flynn: Chicago Blues Mandolin

    Some off the top of my head
  4. JonZ
    You can download these from
    Honey Babe Let the Deal Go Down: Best of the Mississippi Sheiks, The Mississippi Sheiks
    The Chicago String Band, The Chicago String Band
    Mandolin Blues, Various Artists
  5. Wesley
    A new release expected is a few weeks is a group called "The Texas Sheiks" consisting of - among others - Geoff Muldaur and the late Stephen Bruton. Both fine mandolin players. I'll come back when I have more to report but the song list looks mighty fine indeed. Lots of blues ragtime and jug band music.
  6. Amandalyn
    Cd Baby has a good selection of mandolin blues- with sound clips- put in a search for "mandolin", then genre "blues"
  7. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Thanks for the kind mention of my cd Teri. Jim and Joe mentioned most the cds and lps I have, except for one, and that is JIMI HOCKING's BLUE MANDOLIN, which is not totally blues, but bluesy, and has some nice playing. All original material. Coley Jones has some nice playing on the Dallas String Band recordings too. My favorite mandolin player aside from Yank is Carl Martin. A nice record is his CROW JANE BLUES. He replicates some of his signature licks from guitar on mandolin.
  8. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Carl Marting is one of my favorite players as was Martin, Bogen & Armstrong. MandoKatt's spoken highly of the Dallas String Band, too, I belive...unless I'm getting my readings and gray matter crossed...which wouldn't be the first time!

    I wonder how many other bands were/are out there that weren't recorded or don't have recordings?
  9. Amandalyn
    Just listenened to this cut from Alan And the Alltunators- Saturday Night in Jail- some good blues mando, it's on the MP3 page:
  10. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    There is a nice discography on Weenie Campbell too.
  11. bmac
    Sons of the Desert

    Here's one I've enjoyed for a while... These are folks with a sense of humor and an amazing variety of resophonic instrument. They enjoy resurecting almost lost early to mid-twentieth century tunes and performing with a slightly tongue in cheek attitude. As they say in their liner notes "The Big Bamboo", "the album is not for the prudish or the humor impaired". Their instrument list is an amazing variety of resinator instruments, most from the era of the tunes featured. Their band name "Sons of the Desert" comes from the Laurel and Hardy film of that name.

    Their YouTube site disappeared but here are some samples which give you a flavor of the album.

    There is an american group with the same name but that ain't them.

  12. bmac
    THE BIG BAMBOO... again

    I finally found the Sons of the Desert web page. Some interesting photos, a bit more information and a few short samples. I think it will give you some idea of their humor and their thinking. It appears that this is their only CD available right now.

  13. bluesmandolinman
    Aaah Sons of the desert. That´s Rainer Wöffler on mandolin. He has a huge collection of vintage instruments ( guitars,mandolins,ukes). I visited him once and was speechless about all the treasures he had. He has a National style 1 German silver body mandolin that he bought from Bob Brozman. I think they have 3 CDs for sale ! I have them all. Great music !
  14. bmac
    The Joy Buzzards

    If you are interested in resonater mandos and guitars you will like this cd. Keith Cary' Bill Scholer and Robert Armstrong play resonator instruments. It ranges from the tongue in cheek humor to the morose while featuring Keith on his Commodium (resonater mandolin),Scholer on guitars and vocals' snd Armstrong on all sorts of instruments. The art work on the album is almost worth the price of the album. It comes with a free coaster for your drink while listening. I just about fell over from exiement when I first heard this album a few years ago. If you don't like this album...
    shame on you!!!!

  15. bmac

    Here's a group I just stumbled on this morning and I thought I'd mention it. If you like Hawaiian string band you may just love this one. Really nice full length samples as well. Knowing very little about Hawiaiian music I won't say more except that the Japanese are now taking over Hawaiian blues as well... Gee whiz!!!

  16. bmac
    The name of the above group should read "The Sweet Holywaiians"... Sorry...

  17. Bob Buckingham
    Bob Buckingham
    Todalo Shakers
    Maria Malduar' s Garden of Joy
    Texas Sheiks
    Mandolin Blues on Testament
    Steve James plays some blues as well.

    Some of that Johnny Young never made it to CD like that Johnny Young: I Can't Keep My Feet From Jumpin'. I have the vinyl for that and it is great!
  18. Amandalyn
    This was posted in another thread... On Octave mando:
  19. StetsonHat
    Amandalyn, that link didn't work for me. Can you paste it in without the ellipses?
  20. Amandalyn
    Hmmm... Can't seem to get it to work. Go to CBOM forum, look for Blues Octave Mandola
  21. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Hi Folks, My new album, KID MAN BLUES, featuring mostly blues mandolin, is available right now from me personally as a physical cd, but soon will be on iTunes too for digital downloads. Here is an interview that came out today.

    If you would like to order the cd, send 16 EUROS via PayPal (they do an automatic currency conversion all you US folks!) to my email with your address included in a message or separate email. I will send it of right away.

    all the best
  22. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here are some I've been listening to lately and really enjoying:
    Gerry Hundt: Since Way Back
    Jimi Hocking: Blue Mandolin
    Marc Woodward: Bluemando
    Rich Delgrosso & John Del Toro: Time Slips On By
    Ry Cooder: The Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed
    Spearman Brewers' reverbnation page
  23. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Ed, Jimi Hocking and I just played together at the Kathmandu Blues Festival, and he will be putting up some videos in the next week or so. Found out yesterday that KID MAN BLUES is nr 18 on the Roots Music Report Blues Top 50.
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