Thanks to liestman! Also, more info on internal cavity of RM-1

    I just joined RM-1 social. Didn't even know of social groups till recently.

    liestman's photo of what the RM-1 looks like with strings and cover plate removed was well worth the price of admission!!

    My question: Are those ridges in the body cavity braces that have been glued on OR are these ribs that remain (i.e. are they part of the solid block that forms the back and sides)? Also, how thick are the sides and back?

    I posted a RM-1 rave in General Discussions Forum. Thanks to those who prompted me to join this "Social"!
  2. liestman
    They are ribs that remain from milling out the solid blocks that form back and sides. It was a shock to me when I opened it up and is very cool! I did not measure anything when I opened it up but you can roughly scale it up from the pictures. It struck me that the back that remains is the thickness of those thinner ribs that run parallel to the strings, but that was just a rough guess.
  3. Ray(T)
    Looking again at your 'photo; is there something inscribed on the middle rib? Maybe a signature and a date?

    (I don't want you take the thing to bits again to have a look!)
  4. liestman
    Hey Ray. I added a few more photos that I took when I had it open. The center rib (at least on mine) has a serial number, signature (Scott somebody, but I can't make it out) and the date. Also shown in the pics are the neck connection bolts and a picture showing how the tone holes connect the sound chamber to the outside air.
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