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  1. Loki
    Ebay has an early Stradolin listed

    looks to be a 1920's. Pretty similar to my 1923.
    maybe bridge has been replaced?
    w/nice case.

    thinking about it....

    (I have no investment in the item...I was really looking for a Uke, and decided to check out what was coming up with Strads).
  2. bmac
    I took a squint and agree that it might be a good player but there appears to be serious issues. Looking closely at the photos it appears that the back side is not in alighnment with the sides and bottom, suggesting that the back has been removed and repairs made but the back (or sides and bottom) is not installed in position or is slippingout of position. Probably quite fixable but not particularly cheap, if done professionally. Also the condition of the heel seems to incicate incompetent repair. and(or) possibly the neck received an incompetent re-set.

    If maybe $100 it might be worth buying, in my opinion, but only if you can do the repairs yourself. In its present condition I would keep looking. I think you can do a lot better price and condition wise.
  3. Loki
    Oh yeah,

    I see what you mean. It does appear all geeked up.

    Luckily, I don't need on. My strad is enough. I just think its fun to troll and see what comes up.
  4. bmac
    It certainly could be a great looking instrument and I too would be interested if priced as an instrument needing repair.
    That is exactly the kind of instrument I am looking for. I really have no idea what a luthier would charge to repair it but I would guess several hours at a pretty hefty per-hour price. Bringing the cost to way over market value, in my opinion.
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