Amor vittorioso (Tutti venite armati), Renaissance madrigal

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I have just played around with recording a five-part renaissance madrigal on mandolin, reducing it to the top three voices (it was getting too cluttered trying to add the two bass voices as well). This is "Amor vittorioso" (or "Tutti venite armati") by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1556-1622), and I've played it as a mandolin trio, by multitracking my Embergher bowlback on three voices. Paintings in the video are by Caravaggio -- right period and the first one is actually called "Amor vittorioso". The sheet music is here: PDF.

  2. billkilpatrick
    thanks for the pdf - i'll have a go on the fiddle.

    "all come armed oh my strong soldiers. they seem like strong heros - fa-la-la-la-la - those who are against you(all.)"

    wonder what's going on here ... ?
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