i will

  1. billkilpatrick
    "i will" - by the sound of it i'd say it was written by paul, but i could be mistaken - virtual jam with jimmymac30and - what a great voice he has:

    done in "E" - chords: E-C#m-F#m-B - F#m-B-E-C#m-F# - C
  2. Amandalyn
    Nice Bill-
    I'm tabbing this one out- but I do it in D.
  3. preston
    please post those tabs as soon as you can. that's our childrens favorite lullaby
  4. rbird
    Thumbs up! Great number...
  5. rbird
    My Beatles songbook shows this in the key of F
    "Lyrics and music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney"
  6. preston
    They all say Lennon and McCartney
  7. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Here is my version of "I Will" -- rather less exuberant than Bill's, played as a subdued little melody on my Ajr and tenor guitar.

  8. billkilpatrick
    ... you have!
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