My Dad's Strad-O-Lin

  1. dk47
    My dad recently passed away at the age of 83. He was a wonderful father,and in my opinion,a great bluegrass picker. He played locally around Western North Carolina in bands and jam sessions,for square dance teams,etc. He was left-handed,but left his strings in the normal position. He told me that way he could pick anybody's instrument! He played mandolin,guitar,and upright bass. After returning from a tour in the Navy in 1949,he purchased a J-50 Gibson,and a Strad-O-Lin mandolin. The mandolin endured several years of travel,pickin,and child abuse!. I have the mandolin now,and 1 of his sisters has had the Gibson for many years. This all leads into an issue with the Strad; i need a tailpiece for it. The last time he played it snapped off the top string keeper. I would like an original if someone has some extra parts,or a recommendation for a replacement. Danny Bishop of Asheville NC did a lot of work for him on it,new gibson tuners,neck set,and bridge,and i plan to take it back to him for this repair. Anybody able to help me out? I will pay a fair price. Thanks for your time. Posting pictures
  2. bmac
    Nice to have the story on your fathers Stradolin. The tailpiece and its cover comes up for auction occasionally. You can get replacements but they are by no means original looking. (I am using one from Struart MacDonald until I can find an original cover.) The tailpiece cover tends to be a bit expensive because they are often missing and getting kind of rare. Roughly $20+ if I recall. Tuner sets (original style) come up fairly often on ebay, I think I paid about $30 for a nice tuner set of original style..

    Well worth restoring in my opinion.
  3. dk47
    Thanks for the info,i have checked there some,and will continue to look!
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