beatles tab book

  1. dwilken
    i hear tell of a beatles/tab book out. has anyone run into this yet??? i don't know why i'm interested, i have a pile of music books i never use, but this would be my first mandolin book. plus, i have a really hard time do things by ear on mandolin
  2. dwilken
    i see the book under publications once i got to looking around in the cafe. should have looked first. if no one else has, i may get it to give ya's a heads up.
  3. billkilpatrick
    looks great - just the sort of thing i wish i had back in the day, when i wish i'd found the mandolin a lot sooner. putting whatever beatle's song you're looking for in your search engine along with the word "chords," will usually bring you something to start with. some are better than others but a lot of the songs are relatively straight forward.
  4. MLT
    I have it. Just picked it up from the store--25 songs with notation and tab. I brought it on vacation with me for the evenings. Great little book.
  5. Dave Ashby
    Dave Ashby
    Norwegian Wood is tabbed in G although the original recording is in E. Happy transposing!!!
  6. Baboon
    I learned Norwegian Wood from this book and then found out that my friend plays it in E. In "Beatles Complete", it is in G, but in "The Beatles Complete Scores", it is in E. From now on, before I learn from tab, I will check the key against the original recording.
  7. Amandalyn
    I play NW in D, it lays out pretty easy on the mandolin, using some open strings, and I like to play it on Octave.
  8. retroman
    This may be old news, but there's a nifty Key transposer on the web: once you find a lyric/chord file on the internet, copy & paste the text portion (including the chords) into then select the new key of your choosing, and it immediately responds with the transposed version....!
  9. Eddie Sheehy
    I play NW on the zouk in G. Since I learned it by ear I find it easy to change keys on it - and I can use a capo to play it in the "strange" keys - it all depends on who's singing it....
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