"The Beatles for Mandolin"

  1. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    This book has been out for some time now, and I curious if anyone in the group has gotten it.
    I'd also love to see any comments about, or reviews of, this book.
  2. billkilpatrick
    news to me - good find!
  3. Wayne Bagley
    Wayne Bagley
    That's the first book I purchased. I really am anxious to get into it but given the fact that I have only been playing for two weeks I'll have to work up to it.
    But it looks great.
    Standard notation and tab given.
    You can never go wrong with Hal Leonard books.
  4. ibanezae
    Hey old man.... how you liking the book?
  5. Eddie Sheehy
    I came in here looking for tab/music for Please Please me (oh yeah)... and now after seeing this I ordered the book - of course Please Please Me isn't in it... but lots of goodies are... a Rave from the Grave...
  6. retroman
    Hey Folks - I haven't really searched here, but maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I play guitar in an acoustic group that includes mando and flute. We play mostly latin jazz, gypsy, jazz standards, etc, but I would like to steer the group into some Beatles instrumentals. I have a Beatles fake book, which is not bad, but it only shows single melody lines, never the cool harmony melodies that are so important in many of the tunes. The mando and flute player are a bit young to have these harmonies in their heads and play them by ear, and would benefit if these parts were written out. Anybody know if something like this is available?
  7. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Hi Retroman; this might be a good place to look. I'm betting one of these books would do the trick.
  8. retroman
    Thanks - lots of books - I had no idea. Hard to know how useful any of them are, but for my purposes, I think The Complete Scores might be the one. However, I am too cheap to take a chance on it.... I'l think about it.
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