Going to look at this one...

  1. Paul Busman
    Paul Busman
    I'm going to take a peek at this Stradolin from Craigslist tomorrow AM:


    Anything in particular I should look for/at in a Stradolin (apart from the usual cracks, neck issues etc common to all mandolins)?
  2. bmac
    I just thought I'd mention that for myself the only thing of significance is price... and hopefully a decent finish.... I have done enough mando repair that I fear not of taking one apart and getting it back together... Most or all cracks can be repaired and though they may still be visible the tone will not necessarily suffer much if at all. Mine dates 1935..

    Regarding what to look for... Apparently some are plywood tops and backs. You apparently can see the plys when you examine the f hole edges carefully, Supposedly these plywood Stadolins do not have the tone of the solid pressed wood tops and backs. The grain pattern on the front of a steam pressed top instrument is artificial and does in fact not follow the natural grain of the wood top. My Stradolin has the parallel grain pattern going up the front but it is fake grain. At least that is the case in my 1935 Stradolin. I am not a wood expert so I can't tell you what wood it is but it is unlike spruce which it is meant to simulate. It is an incredibly tough and hard wood, very difficult to sand.
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