Thinking about it

  1. Wolfmanbob
    Played a duo at Joe Val's and talked to Joe about having one made. Please tell me about your mandolins.
  2. Galimando
    I have an oval hole A and it is awesome – I couldn't be more satisfied with it. You can hear it here, if you're interested in what it sounds like.
  3. Wolfmanbob
    Very nice Irish medley. Well done and a beautiful sound on that mandolin. Thanks.
  4. Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas
    I received my oval A in mid January and the more I play it the better it sounds. Lots of volume, BIG difference in tone as the pick moves between the bridge and the fingerboard with a more traditional oval sound closer to the fingerboard and a more bluegrass sound near the bridge. I haven't played my Collings MT2 or my 1917 A-3 for more than 20 minutes total since the Campanella arrived. AND, complements at every session I go to! I'm seriously thinking about selling the Gibson and Collings and going for an octave mandolin from Joe.

    I totally love it!
  5. Wolfmanbob
    Just e-mailed Joe to start discussing the details. Probably sending deposit soon.
  6. nobullmando74
    Wolfmanbob, Joe is great to work with. He is finishing up one of his F mandolins for me. Can't wait!
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