1. The Root Beer Of All Evil
    The Root Beer Of All Evil
    I'm new to mandolin and I've lived in Charlotte the last three years. Originally, I'm from California. True to my west coast roots, my mando-dream number one is to cover "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish asap. I sing, have 11 years of brass experience, and about six on percussion. In the 7th grade, I tried drum kit, but didn't have a brain in each limb. In college, I tried bass, but just wasn't having that much fun (probably just needed a bigger amp). After college, Dad loaned me his guitar, but it's too, I don't know, big?

    Today, my Kentucky KM-505 arrived. I look forward to going silly on it for decades to come. I don't necessarily want to be a rock star. I just want to have a talent, and to be able to hold my own around a campfire or in front of a crowd.

    I wouldn't be here without Chris Thile and Chris Trapper (a very personable rocker out of Boston). And wouldn't be writing this without Bacardi.

    Hoping to meet some of you guys soon and learn a tad more about this "MAS" I keep hearing about. And uber thanks, Mandolin Cafe, I really leaned on you these last couple of weeks when I was shopping.

    Patrick P
    Charlotte, NC
  2. timv
    Welcome Patrick! Thanks for posting the intro. It sounds like you're off to a great start with your new Kentucky.

    If you find any useful local resources I hope you'll post about it here in the social group. Musical instrument shops that are hip to the mandolin are always particularly of interest here. Or whatever strikes your fancy...
  3. The Root Beer Of All Evil
    The Root Beer Of All Evil
    Well, the 505 came shipped the bridge in a little baggie, so Howren's Music in Pineville is handling my setup. I'll have it back tomorrow. Until then, I feel like... my new baby's in the hospital =(
  4. timv
    Seems pretty typical for them to come that way, I think. I've only bought a couple by mail but both arrived with the bridge safely stowed rather than installed. Better than getting it punched through the instrument top in transit because some cowboy freight-handler decided such a light box would be safe to toss, I suppose.

    They're not that hard to put in right once you've been messing with them for a while. But you'd be wondering what in the world was wrong if you didn't, and you oughta score some points at the store for using their services. That might pay off at some point.

    I've got a new off-brand mando which I'm pretty sure is really a Kentucky, and about the same level as yours but an F-style. I'm learning that it likes to be played hard, and starting to really like it. Good luck with yours!
  5. The Root Beer Of All Evil
    The Root Beer Of All Evil
    Nah, I'm off to a horrible start now. I should've really eyed the neck before I took it to the shop for the setup... the bass side looks fine but the other side is curvy as a dame. Plus, the 3rd fret is slipping loose, and that'll only get worse.

    Now I gotta contact the seller thru email for a return/exchange. Sure seems like I just missed them and so possibly won't hear back until Monday. I'll have mandofever all weekend and most of next week, and that's if I'm lucky. Their return policy may or may not be exchange-only, so I'm not going to go shopping again just yet. The 505 looked darkly beautiful but until further notice, don't entrust your mandolin to arrive in working fashion when you order from RnD Electronics of Batavia, NY. Damn #######' yankees.
  6. Appalachia
    Any update on this? If the return policy let you get your money back, I suggest trying The Mandolin Store or FolkMusician. They both get very consistent postive reviews from people on the forums here for customer service, and they both include set up on new mandolins.
  7. The Root Beer Of All Evil
    The Root Beer Of All Evil
    Good news. Flew down to Tallahassee to visit my dad this week and wound up with a nice, discounted (corner of headstock was cracked off on arrival) brand-baby-new Eastman 315. Twas a coupla hundred more than I wanted to blow on mando one, but I couldn't help myself and the personal touch- rather than buying online again- only cost me 7.5% in sales tax. Mr. Kyle over at his Mando Shop downtown was extra cool and had just the thing for me. The 315 really sings, makes me want to learn ASAP. Already tuned it down a half step to try "Sell Out". Time now to hunt down some cheapo used mando books!
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