Here Comes the Sun

  1. richieb
    Here's a link to me attempting to play "Here Comes the Sun." If someone can please tell me how to post a thumbnail picture of it where you could just push play, that would be great.In the meantime, hope this works. Let me know what you think.

    Cheers, Richie
  2. Eddie Sheehy
    Edit your post, click go advanced, click YOUTUBE icon, paste the part of the URL after the = sign and voila:

  3. billkilpatrick
    timely entry for these parts - bravo! - tell us about your mandolin, please
  4. richieb
    Thank you Eddie!
    Bill, it's a Big Muddy Mando, of course. I believe you have one, if not a Mid Missouri. Mine just has a little artwork around the soundhole, so as not to look so plain.
  5. billkilpatrick
    ahhh - thought i recognized it but i couldn't see the tuning platform and the tattoo round the sound hole threw me off. they're great mandolins, just ask the man owns two (big muddy MO and mid-mo' M4.) compliments on your playing - what'cha going to do next?
  6. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Really nice job Richie!
    I really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
    I look forward to hearing more.
  7. richieb
    I'll have to see what I else can come up with. I have noticed that the intro to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is really easy to play on the Mando and it sounds really great. Maybe I'll try to work up the whole song, but don't hold your breath. In the meantime, just try the intro yourself, you'll see what I mean.
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