Manolin, Mandola, Mandocello

  1. Eddie Sheehy
    Some nice pix of the Vega CB family HERE
  2. zookster
    I just scored the mandocello. Set up was really poor, but I'm in the process of bringing the sound out. MANY cracks except the top, but all stable. Original giant clamshell one piece tailpiece. Original case. I can tell its going to have that deep
    cyrlinderback vibe going. Pretty fast neck. I'll keep y'all posted.
  3. DerTiefster
    It's a bit later....any news? The mandocello is interesting.
  4. DerTiefster
    It's another bit later...looking forward to hearing this old girl. And I doubt I'm the only one standing in line.
    I just acquired another Vega 15" mandola for reference while I repair the first one. Details later....
  5. zookster
    Still tinkering with the set up of the mandocello, but the sound is pretty amazing, as you would expect. It's a lot more "cittern-like" than the sound of the K1 I sold to get it. Because the neck is more of a guitar profile than the Gibson, it plays much faster, especially up the neck.

    A real driving bottom end. String gauges are .059/.045/.022/.012. Loads of volume.
    Scale length is 26".
  6. Appalachia
    Anything new on this? I would love to hear this thing.
  7. DerTiefster
    I'll "step up to the microphone" and say I would love to hear the old girl, too. So, Zookster, don't monopolize her forever. Thanks. Michael
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