True Life Blues-how to pick the A's..

    I've been working on True Life Blues (as recorded in 1945) from the "16 Gems" CD.

    On the intro, where he launches into those "A" notes, which B. Baldassari's Tab says is and open A string and a Fifth Fret E string..How did Mr. Monroe pick 'em?

    I've tried up-down...can't make it sound like the recording...I've tried all down at double speed...not really....
    The closest I get is UP picking 'em all double speed (instead of up/down)...

    ..I'm sure I'll never get it as good as Bill, but what are your thoughts on it?

  2. Skip Kelley
    Skip Kelley
    All down stroke. No exception.
  3. Mike Bunting
    Yeah, I go for downstrokes.
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