Stradolin next to Weber

  1. bmac
    Took my 1935 solid wood f hole Stradolin to the 23rd Annual Old Fiddlers Gathering in Watkins Glen, NY. Was able to compare it with a new very nice f hole Weber.... The Weber (with tone guard) was a little louder,, but there is no question that my Stradolin compared very well with the Weber... the Weber owner was quite impressed as well and said he thought my Stradolin had an excellent bas. That made me wish I had brought my other Stradolin with a spuce top because that one has a really rumbles on the G string. That experience re-confirmed my thoughts on the quality and reputation of the Stradolin sound. Came away quite pleased to know that my instrument compared well against a new mando costing roughly ten times what I paid.. Though a Stradolin may often require some work the payoff is often a mandolin you can be proud of.
  2. bluesmandolinman
    Stradolins are probably the best mandolins in the 300-500 $ range
  3. bmac
    Although I don't have your expertise I would agree with that... I can only compare with my 2005 Mid-Missouri costing about $550 and though it is a fine mandolin It is cerainly not "better" tone-wise than my Stradolins. In most instances I tend to gravitate toward my Stradolins.
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