Here, There and Everywhere

  1. justkaron
    Caution..extreme NEWBIE version...only been playing 6 months...much to learn here...LOL. I'm aware I've much to learn here. this song so did what I could.
    Obviously I have no shame.
    Maybe some of you, who are more experienced players, will work up a rendition of this lovely tune.
  2. billkilpatrick
    i went into a trance - absolutely lovely
  3. justkaron
    Bill....right...... (said with great sarcasm). Sure it was the loveliness that induced the trance?
    OK...lets break it down. Maybe 18% was lovely. Next go round with this song maybe 41% will be lovely. I'll keep striving.
    Thanks, Bill, for the comment. I've enjoyed your tunes since I found this site and subscribe to your youtube channel. I esp like the songs you learned to love in NYC. You and I grew up with the same great tunes. daughter spent 6 months in Tuscany in a work study after her undergraduate degree in art at a place called Castle de Spannocchia (I think that's close to the spelling.) That anywhere near you? It wasn't far from Sienna I don't think.
    She worked with olives and olive oil. She loved it.
    22 years ago.
  4. justkaron
    Oh wait...I see what you're saying Bill, your trance was absolutely lovely. Check.
  5. billkilpatrick
    nooo ... your playing was incantevole. i've been to castle de spannocchia - went to a drinks party in the main house and a cousin of my wife rents one of their farmhouses. your daughter is correct - southern tuscany is absolutely gorgeous
  6. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Very nice justkaron.
    I really enjoyed that.
    Thanks for posting.
  7. ChrisStewart
    Excellent start justkaron

    I found this on youtube
    Here,There and Everywhere-Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

  8. justkaron
    Thanks, Chris...really enjoyed the mandolin group playing there.

    I just love trying to play this type of tune on mando. Hoping to be able to come back in a year with a much more valid version.

    Didn't realize that others had already posted this song. Loved those versions already up on this Beatles thread.
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