1. BBarton
    'Thought I'd join this group with my Randy Wood 2-point, since there isn't a similar group for those. 'Been trying to post a pic, but instructions are not that clear (for a non-geek!). Are there any other Randy Wood 2-pointers out there?
  2. zookster
    An interesting concept for a group. I have a pair of two-pointers, and while I didn't specifically go out looking for them because of that, I enjoy playing both very much.

    In the last few years I purchased a 1929 Martin Style 20, first year of production. It has an incredibly sweet tone, very loud, but lacking some on the bass end. The 13" scale length requires precise fingering, but it seems to "play longer" than that. I had to make a reproduction of the original bridge to raise the action a bit. Excellent for Celtic. I really like the V shaped neck.

    I also have a 1916 Vega cylinderback which I bought here on the Cafe. Very loud and deep. Brazilian back and sides. It must be a custom model, because it features a headstock that I can't recall seeing on any other cylinderback. It also has Handel tuners!

    Now if I could only find an L and H at a yard sale.......
  3. jessboo
    hey how are you doing? I have a Carver two point oval hole.
  4. Gerry Cassidy
    Gerry Cassidy

    Thought I'd join up and add my 2 to the nice little collection you all have started here.
    My Weber is a Bighorn with a few custom appointments. Probably the most notable is the F style peghead. It is a little quiet, yet very sweet sounding. Very bright high end.
    The other is my Rozawood Octave Mando made in the Czech Republic by Roman Zajicec in his one-man (although I hear he now has a couple of apprentices doing his roughing work for him) shop. The 21.5" scale, slim neck makes this thing a dream to play and it has a very nice, clear tone. It was designed by August Waters to be a jazzer. It is definitely one of the nicest mandolins I've ever had in the collection.
  5. B. T. Walker
    B. T. Walker
    Hey to all y'all,

    I've got two two-pointers that I really enjoy. The first one I purchased is a Japanese-made Aria from an auction on e-bay. It has a nice tone, though it isn't very loud. I took it to the local bluegrass jam, and the banjers overpowered it.

    The second is a Ludewig custom-built by Dale, blue, oval-hole, and a real cannon to be aimed directly at the offending banjers. As GRW3 put it in another thread after playing "Over the Rainbow" on it, some mandolins play the octave jump like "SOMEwhere", others "someWHERE", but the Ludewig is "SOMEWHERE". I love it.

    I'm a real freak for two-points. They are the classiest body style of mandolins in my opinion. Though I prefer symmetrical points (both mine are symmetrical), asymmetrical two-points are attractive, too. Rigel's Jethro is a stunning example of asymmetry. Eastman's two-point is nice, too.
  6. zookster
    Well, I said I was looking for a Lyon and Healy....and while I didn't find one at a yard sale, I did find a Style A that's on the way. It's the standard (13 7/8") version. This two point thing is getting habit forming!

    I'll give a progress report once I get a new set of strings on it and check the set up. Would anyone like to comment on the sound (other than the ubiquitous "prefered by classical players...")?
  7. zookster
    OK, got my L & H in the mail saturday. What a tone! I was hoping it would be good, but I didn't figure it would be better than my '15 F4. The neck is kinda chunky but with a comfortable V shape. It plays very fast. Bright with very adequate bass. Perfect for Celtic or old-time, both of which I perform regularly. Now, I'm not going to ignore my other two-pointers, but I didn't expect Christmas to come so early this year!

    Any other L & H owners out there? Lets here from you.!
  8. gregjones
    I stop at yard sales all the time...........hoping. Never happens. All I ever find is some 1940's Kay that needs a neck reset and they want $1500 for it because it's an "antique"

    Congrats on the L&H A. I lust after a B myself----maybe one day I'll find one at the exact moment I have the spare cash for it. But, those are fleeting moments!!
  9. jessboo
    my new eastman 804D.
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