Cantiga 101

  1. Gelsenbury
    It's a quiet group, isn't it? If you are in need of some "Music for medieval faires" from the Allan Alexander book, have a look at this and post a video response if you like. I'm sure you can do a better job than I did here.

  2. billkilpatrick
    nice to hear this tune without the usual cacophony of percussion instruments which normally accompany a medieval band. i subscribed to your youtube site - look forward to hearing more
  3. Gelsenbury
    Thank you, Bill, that's a real honour! I hope to learn many more of those tunes - it's a matter of finding the time!
  4. Gelsenbury
    Here's another of those tunes. I finally had the time to play "Cantiga de Brisa" from the same book. It's a beautiful melody, and the book also contains some nice chords to play along; but I can't use the backing track from the CD because I can't play the last part of the tune.
  5. IFiddle4Fun
    Loved both of the tunes! Simply played and beautiful. I, too like Irish Folk Music.
    Oh, love the name of your mandolin!
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