Greetings from Charlotte

  1. RKL
    Hi all, I just joined a few days ago after buying my first mandolin on a whim. I found this group and the newbie group and joined both. I look forward to getting to know some other Tar Heel mandolin players. I am very new to the instrument so not very good yet but I am loving learning to play.

    Below is the bio I posted in the main forum.

    I'm Keith, a 54 year old professional photographer from Charlotte, NC. I just bought my first mandolin last week and am having a blast getting to know it. It is a great instrument, fun to learn and play. I bought a used Epiphone MM30 from Sam Ash. It came with an Allen tailpiece, a hard case, a leather strap, 2 sets of strings, a polishing cloth and a bunch of picks. It sounds pretty good to me and it was set up very nicely. I've already joined the newbie group and love the supportive people over there.

    I have been playing and loving bluegrass music for 30 years. I play guitar and banjo and though I'm not in a band now, I have scrubbed off many a rendition of "foggy Mountain Breakdown" for the adoring fans over the years. Currently in addition to my mandolin, I own 2 banjos, a Gibson Mastertone and a Fender Leo Deluxe, as well as 2 Martin Guitars, an HD28V and a D18VS.

    I'm still playing the D'Addario strings that came on it but there is a set of GHS in the case that I may try next. I play with a blue chip TD35 pick, which just happens to be what I use on my guitars...imagine that...

    Thanks for listening
  2. timv
    Welcome, Keith. It sounds like you're off to a great start with your mandolin. I play mandolin and guitar and have been trying off-and-on to get started with my banjo (just a simple a Gold Tone Old Time) for a year or so. That's been pretty low priority for various reasons, but I realized quickly enough how differently I thought about the same chords and melodies on the different instruments. I think each one has helped me with the others.

    Best of luck with it and keep us posted on your progress.
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