ToneGard on Breedlove

  1. mfeuerst
    Has anyone had experience fitting a ToneGard to any of the BL models?
    Seems like the A models should fit, but I'm skeptical of the Ks and Fs.
  2. greg_tsam
    I put my buddies on my FF and it works just fine. Probably need to order one for myself soon.
  3. mfeuerst
    Follow-up question....does it also then fit into the BL case?
  4. Lorenzo LaRue
    Lorenzo LaRue
    The Tone Gard will want to slip on and off during insertion and removal in the newer leather handled Breedlove case. I am sure that in time it would 'wear' or expand the cushion of the case enough or you can bend the adjustment clips on the Gard slightly inward either with your thumb or a little help from a pair of pliers (watch the paint). You can make them a bit on the tight side provided you DON'T have a varnish finish. With that I wouldn't bear to hard or you will have finish 'waves' after a while.
    Carry on pickin'.
  5. mandobassman
    That's interesting. I don't have a Breedlove case for my OF, but it's a tight fit in the Golden Gate case I have. The Tone Gard is very tight on the mandolin and is actually hard for me to take it off. I can't imagine why it would slip off on it's own. You can bend the TG's arms in to create a tighter fit on the mando.
  6. washij
    My Tone-guard fits very well my K shape Master Model Rogue, and certainly opens up the sound.
    However, The mandolin does not fit in the Breedlove rectangular case if the toneGard is still attached.
  7. greg_tsam
    My tonegard fits snug against the Quartz FF and to get it in the case I have to squash the cushions near the neck to get it to fit the case. I have the tear drop OEM case that Breedlove sent me and it's a snug fit without the TG.
  8. Steve Ostrander
    Steve Ostrander
    I took my TG off my F9 and it slid right onto my new ff. It also fits in the case with it on.
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