Price Increases?

  1. multidon
    According to the Mandolin Store ad in the classifieds, Breedlove is planning BIG price increases in 2012! Sounds like if you want one you gotta act fast! They say in some cases prices are going up 50 percent!
  2. mfeuerst
    IMO the new management input from Two Old Hippies likely want to avoid a repeat of the financial problems that prompted the recent merger. The lowest prices for US made mandos may be a thing of the past and we may see prices more like Weber's. Could also mean model changes coming in the product line - again.
  3. multidon
    I just got an e-mail from GC with a 150 dollar off coupon on purchases over 799. I figured, maybe I could score a Breedlove OO before the 2012 price increase. I thought, 999, 150 off, get it for 849. Good deal! Wrongo! Guess what? They (Guitar Center) have ALREADY implemented the new Breedlove pricing! OO is now Guaranteed Lowest Price of 1, 499!!!!! SAME price for OF too! This is what the Mandolin Store meant by a 50 percent increase "in some cases". K and F styles went up too, but not as much. The BIG increase was in the O's. Do they know it's still 2011? The Mandolin Store is still charging 2011 prices as long as they have stock.
  4. joshtree
    Ya I was told about the price increases by the gentalman who set up mine this week at Folkmusician. (Super nice guy BTW, very good to talk to) He said that due to the larger overhead Breedlove aquired wiht the new shop space there in Bend they were upping the prices. Apparently Breedlove bulit/or moved to a big wonderfull shop just befor the ecomomy tanked forcing the merger. so Now is a great time to buy. I got my KO for $1400 I think he has the OO for $999.
    At this point I would highly recomend for any mando purchase I was that pleased with my conversation. I forgot to ask his name but he picked up the phone and simultainuously closed the case on my KO so I think it might be just him there.
    He didnt get the indication that they would be changing Models and I asked him that specific question.
    Not to hijack I just want to pass on my good feelings.
  5. mandobassman
    My Quartz OF sunburst, which previously listed for $1669, is now listed for $2260. $600 is a pretty hefty increase. The McKenzie KF is now going for $8000. That's Gibson territory. I would think it's much, much harder to compete in that price range. I hope they know what they're doing. I'm happy I got my OF for $975. Seems like a real bargain now!
  6. Steve Ostrander
    Steve Ostrander
    I just scored my American ff from Elderly for $1399. They said it was the last one they had, and the new ones will be at a lower list price. I think the mfrp for the ff is $2600, and Elderly was selling them for $1999. I think I got a giood deal. Anyway, it was worth it.
  7. multidon
    Congrats Steve. Was it sunburst or natural? I got an American FO natural from The Mandolin Store for 1249. It was one of their custom ones which just means black binding on the top. Looks sharp! They are blowing out the "O' models for 899! The price increase didn't work for them, they decided they wanted to be at pre-increase price points, but expect model changes. Plainer wood, gig bags instead of hard cases, and who knows what else. Glad I got mine.
  8. N2DUI Ham Radio
    N2DUI Ham Radio
    Howdy, I am new to the forum. On Saturday, I received my Breedlove FF with black top binding in natural satin finish, which I purchased at a killer price online with the Mandolin Store on its Black Friday Blowout Sale. The price was significantly reduced, perhaps due to its built in pickup. It sounds and plays fabulously as an acoustic. I do not own an amplifier, so I have no idea how it will sound through an amp. I noticed that after Black Friday, the price increased $200 on the acoustic version of this model.
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