Favorite music store?

  1. timv
    Where do you like to go to get supplies or buy instruments, or just drool over mandolins that you'd like to own some day?

    We used to have a really good shop here in Greensboro, David Sheppard Musical Instruments, but it closed several years ago. I've been meaning to road-trip over to Harry and Jeanie West's Fine Musical Instruments in Statesville and to see what Tony Williamson is up to at Mandolin Central in Siler City. But I haven't made to either place yet.
  2. pickloser
    I used to go to David Sheppard's every time I was in G'boro. I bought my D18 there. I take my trade to Jackson's Music in WS as much as possible. It's a great all 'round music store with a knowledgable, helpful staff. A lot of lessons are being taught out of there too. Jackson's is a Gibson dealer. I've lusted over more than one Doyle Lawson. Those bound f holes must make a difference. They'll usually have a couple other signature models, an MMl, F9 and/or A9, and often some Eastman they took in on a trade. They carry Morgan Monroe, but those don't do much for me, and a couple cheaper mandos that I haven't paid much attention to. If guitar candy is sought, they have Martins and Taylors and several other good brands--a nice selection. (Although, I played an Eastman guitar at the Music Barn in G'boro that just floored me. Too bad all my money went to buying a mandolin.)
  3. Bill Auld
    Bill Auld
    Yes, David's was a cool shop and David a really good guy. You could try Harry's in Raleigh - Webers and others the last time I was there. And there's a nice shop in Durham on Broad Street - High Strung - they carry Kentuckys and Webers if I remember correctly. Does Williamson allow visitors - or is his just a web presence? Also, what about Mandomutt - Kevin Douglas' site - he seems to carry a good variety of stuff (everything from Eastmans to Stanleys to Kimbles)- he's over in Efland but I don't know whether he takes visitors ...
  4. timv
    Great tips, y'all! Those are some fine suggestions for road-trip destinations.

    Bill, re Williamson and visitors, I was definitely thinking that I would call or email first and find that out, and make an appointment if needed--when and if I get around to going. Yes, he does seem back-room-ish enough that I wouldn't want to just show up unannounced.

    That's the first I've heard of Kevin Douglas and Mandomutt. I'll have to look into that one too. Thanks!!

    I've also been kinda curious about the legendary Steve "St. Wish" Wishnevsky in Winston-Salem. I came close to bidding on an acoustic mandola of his on eBay last weekend (item 150341787010) but backed off when the price suddenly jumped way up. He appears to be quite a character, to say the least.
  5. Bill Auld
    Bill Auld
    Yeh, timv - I'm sure a call to T. Williamson or K. Douglas would be a smart thing. Kevin (who I don't know) has been turning over a lot of nice looking mandolins and since I'm in the market for something (Heaven only knows what right now), I check his site very frequently. I need a second mandolin (although I don't really deserve the first - a Collings MF5) for some reason or another ... Curiously, I visited a shop some distance from here recently that had a number of big name mandos - but was not impressed with any (in fact, it was disappointing - especially since I had the green light to buy ...). Probably me, but my Collings is far better ... Oh well. More places to check out - I shall just enjoy hunting (and learning) more ...

    As for Winston - I heard there was a shop there that is a Gibson dealer - and maybe Collings (which you don't see in the Raleigh area that much - except at Fat Sound who don't really specialize in acoustic stuff). As for a little farther afield from the Raleigh area - I, too, have thought about West's in Statesville - and even Charles Johnson in Richmond. Of course, there are the builders also - Skip Kelley (K. Douglas has had at least a couple of his recently), Anderson (VA) and Hamlett (VA).
  6. pickloser
    Jackson's in WS carries Gibson mandolins. Great store.

    I haven't talked to Steve Wish in several years, but we used to play together often. He IS quite a character, but only gruff on the outside--nice and squishy on the inside. I've only played some of the wilder instruments he made when he started out. (Especially memorable was a big, oddly shaped, yellow "banana" acoustic bass.) I've also played some very nice electric basses. He uses great looking woods and has a real eye for design. He's in the WS phone book under Steve Wish.

    You guys might be interested in this. There's a Irish/Trad open jam there tonight (Friday).

    CELTIC FESTIVAL & HIGHLAND GAMES: 7-9 p.m. May 8, 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. May 9, Historic Bethabara Park, 2147 Bethabara Road. Traditional Celtic music and food, athletic competitions, dancing, children's activities, vendors, Parade of Tartans and more. Free. Call 924-8191.

    Laura / pickloser
  7. reverhar
    I have made several trades with Kevin Douglas. Good guy to deal with. We usually meet up in Winston Salem to make the swaps. I believe that he runs his business from home so I would probably give him a call or contact by email. I bought my first F-5 from Harry West in Statesville. Quiet a character and worth the visit just to talk mandolins. Jackson's in Winston Salem is a very good store with lots of musical inventory. The people are nice and agreeable about trying out their instruments. I haven't been there lately but the last time I was there, they had a DMM and a Doyle Lawson. The Lawson was a really strong mandolin while the DMM was very good as well; different flavors.
  8. Bill Auld
    Bill Auld
    Very interesting info, reverhar! Thanks! I'm going to have to check out the West's some time soon. Jackson's is the one in Winston Salem I'd heard about.
  9. timv
    Regarding the Wests, there's a digitized album called "Banjo Songs of the Southern Mountains" that's been posted a few places on the web, including here and here. Harry and Jeanie perform a third of the songs on it, and it was recorded at the Mountain Dance & Folk Festival in Asheville in 1955! So I'd say they've been around a while.
  10. timv
    Laura, thanks for the Wishnevsky comments! I first became aware of his instruments in the "More ebay emandos" topic and have been intrigued by his work. Clearly it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it seems like someone would have to care a whole lot about what they do to be so doggedly individualistic.
  11. jonesy
    Has any of ya visited, Barrr's Fiddle shop in Galax? Stevie Barr owns and runs it, it's a small shop but big on charcter. check out their site http://www.barrsfiddleshop.biz/
  12. Bill Auld
    Bill Auld
    jonesy - have been thinking about heading there to check it out - my kind of place! Looks like I've got more than a few day trips to make ...
  13. zookster
    I'm in the western foothills -- hello fellow Tarheels -- and want to let you know about an amazing music store in Black Mountain called Acoustic Corner. Very selective inventory including very nice
    guitars (Larrivee, Eastman, Webber, H & D) open back banjos, Eastman mandolins, even some bouzoukis, fiddles, dulcimers and ukes. Very friendly and astute staff. Tons of accessories. Y'all need to pay 'em a visit.
  14. 300win
    Jackson's in Winston Salem is the place I go most. Have been to the West's in Statesville, also Dave Osborne at the Music Barn in Greensboro.
  15. Charles E.
    Charles E.
    Timv, Tony Williamson is a great guy but call first for an appointment. He lives down the end of a dirt road and his shop is off the main house. Last time I was there he showed me some very nice mandolins.
  16. timv
    Hey, thanks for the first-person tip, Charles! It sounds like I need to plan a road trip down that way--though perhaps after the summer's over and things have slowed down a bit.
  17. timv
    Reviewing this topic after a couple of years... Still some very good info in here!

    One update: The URL above for Barr's Fiddle Shop doesn't work any more. http://barrsfiddleshop.com/ does it now. In the meantime it's been immortalized by a visit in the PBS documentary Give Me The Banjo. There's also something on the website about adding a candy store in the basement. Sounds like a must-do!
  18. TheArimathean
    Best music shop in NC i've seen (no mandos though )
    George Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments, Brasstown, NC
    Harps, lutes, ouds, dulcimers, pennywhisltes, hurdy gurdy, psalteries, ukes, drums, bagpipes... the list goes on
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