Clifftop ! Appalachian String Band Festival

  1. woodwizard
    Hey all you Old-time pickers and fiddlers ! How many of ya'll have been to the Clifftop festival in West Virginia?
    A five day mountaintop gathering of musicians and friends with contests, concerts, workshops, square dances, camping and a hymn-sing. West Virginia masters are presented to an audience of more than 3000 musicians and string band music lovers from around the world. Over the history of this festival, more than 20 foreign countries and 48 of the 50 states have been represented, with many returning year after year to this much-loved festival.
    August 3-7 2011 this year. I'll be going for the first time. Can't wait! The fiddlers in my OT band have been going every year well over a decade. Let's hear some stories if you got em
  2. woodwizard
  3. woodwizard
  4. woodwizard
  5. woodwizard
  6. woodwizard
    Just having some fun that day pickin with my OT buddies. Most of us will heading to Clifftop this year.
  7. JeffD
    I have been itchen to go to Clifftop, but never made it.

    Perhaps this year.
  8. woodwizard
    Hope to meet ya there this year Jeff and maybe do a whole lot of pickin'.
  9. Eric Root
    Eric Root
    Nice tunes! This will be my tenth Clifftarp. I think you will have a lot of fun, maybe even too much!
  10. JeffD
    Going to my first one this year! Got all my work scheduled out of the way of it. I'm going to do it, darn it all, I am going to do it!!
  11. woodwizard
    By God! I'm going this year 2013!
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