Bluegrass "Blues"

  1. Amandalyn
    Topic for discussing Bluesy Bluegrass tunes, post videos, instruction, influence, etc. What makes a Bluegrass tune more bluesy? Which notes do you use? Who's your favorite Bluegrass artist that has a Blues edge to their playing?
  2. richieb
    I love Bill Monroe's blues tunes. Rocky Road Blues and Tennessee Blues are a couple of examples. I came up playing a lot of blues and rock guitar, and used the pentatonic minor scale a lot, bending the notes. On the mandolin you can't really bend the strings much. Too make up for that, I end up playing more notes than the 5 of the pentatonic scale, and that's where the ear comes in. I just fill in what sounds good to me and try to make it sound bluesy. But the pentatonic minor scale is always a good place to start.
  3. Amandalyn
    Thanks for your input Rich. I agree about Bill Monroe, he has some great blues tunes. Mike Compton rates as my fav for carrying that mojo on. I'm trying to work more blues notes, riffs into my BG playing, I'll try the pentatonic minor.
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