Who do you pick with?

  1. timv
    When I bought my first mandolin, I most wanted to play with other musicians. About twenty years later, I still don't play out that much, but I'm still working on it.

    I went to the iCoffee jam with the High Lonesome Strings last month and had fun. There's one tonight but I won't be able to make it. Event page here. Very nice folks.

    I also went to the first-ever jam of the Piedmont Old-Time Society this month at The Green Burro, 106 W McGee St. The second-ever one will be Thursday, May 7th, ~8pm to 10pm. I think some folks came earlier to go over songs and such. A bit younger crowd but also fun and very friendly.

    What about you?
  2. pickloser
    Hi Tim,
    I've been playing mandolin for only a year and a half, but I am totally smitten with the instrument. I've played guitar for about 30 years now.

    I go to a jam the first Thursday of the month at a church. I play at lunchtime with a mando friend sometimes. I play with a guitar friend every few months. I've been to a couple High Lonesome Strings events, but never seem to make it to the monthly jams. This summer I'm determined to get out to play more. I don't think I can get better without playing with folks.

    I went to the Kaufman mandolin camp last year, and I'm going back. I had a blast. It's a solid week of music, and there's always somebody to play with. I'm with you, practice is good, but playing with real people is what I like best.

    Laura / pickloser
  3. 14strings@
    Hi folks,

    Started learning mando two years ago, I have brother who picks some guitar and we play once a month or so. I just wish I had more time to get together with other folks.

  4. John Ritchhart
    John Ritchhart
    I'm pickin' with pickloser and philphool tomorrow. Yea!
  5. pickloser
    I had a blast playing with Wockey and the Phool. Really good players!! So much more fun to play with other folks. Makes me even more antsy to get to Kaufman Kamp.
  6. 300win
    300win here in wild beautiful Stokes county in the heart of the Sauratown mountains. I don't pick regular with anyone now. Occasionaly pick with some good friends, Jon Wolfe, Danny Bowers, Brandon Boyles. A good jam is held in my neck of the woods every 2nd & 4th Friday at Royce Flynts place off of Hwy.66. Good pickers there and a very nice place to play. Ya'll come, if you need directions pm me on the cafe. pickloser I got your cd ready.
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