Just Found You

  1. rf37
    Cool. Just found fellow Ohio'ns. I am very busy but ggood to know you all are here in case jam happens and I can get to it. Or have one myself. I am a newbie only been playing a few months but love it. Live in Preble County
  2. John Gardinsky
    John Gardinsky
    Welcome rf37. From John in Guernsey County
  3. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Hi Guys:
    Ed Here...Representin' NE Ohio (Mahoning County).
  4. Londy
    Hello folks.. im on the west side of Cleveland in Lorain county. Good too "meet" you. It would be way cool if we can get a jam this summer. I will be hosting one very soon and will be sure to announce it on the Cafe for Ohio folks.
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