Purchasing a Strad O Lin

  1. custer
    Hello everyone. I am considering purchasing a Strad O Lin from a friemd at a Very reasonable price. The only issuse i can see is a bit of neck relief starting adound the 6th or 7th fret. Any thoughts?
  2. bmac
    I have been off line for a while so I do hope you bought it!!!

    In general these are fine mandolins and quite repairable if you are at all handy... I have been repairing mine though I am legally blind... and they look fine (so I'm told). But they certainly sound fine. If you have any questions on repair or restoration I would be happy to assist. A bent slightly neck is normally fixable. a twisted one is more problematic. any crack can normanlly be fixed, though it may be difficult to make the crack invisible. And there is normally a little neck relief. Stradolin necks are, by modern standards, pretty fat and strong. Personally I would not let a little bend (as described) stop my purchase.

    Bart McNeil
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