Is this a genuine SOL or is it an import or knockoff?

  1. alfbell
    Hopefully some of you SOL experts or aficianados can help me. Is this the real deal or is it an import of knock off? (See my description and details below.) I put the pictures up above in Group Photos (under Alfbell) because I couldn't figure out how to put them into my post.

    Description: Have no idea how old this is. In good playing condition. Intonation is good. Sound and tone is pretty good too. Archtop with F holes. Appears to have solid maple top, bottom and sides; the one piece back and the sides look like curly maple; not sure what the neck and headstock wood is; the finish has spider or hair cracks over majority of surface (but no cracks in the wood); rosewood adjustable bridge; rosewood fretboard with18 frets (neck does not appear to be warped); floating pickguard and tail plate cover are probably plastic imitation tortoise shell; open tuners; edging is painted on (not purfling) and some of the paint is warn off and there are lots of little nicks around the edging; logo on headstock is painted on by stencil; there is a small hole at the bottom (maybe someone installed or attempted to install a pickup?); has some minor nicks and dents. Has old, worn out case with blue felt interior, plastic handle and two exterior latches. Not a luthier or mandolin player but I will say that it plays pretty well but probably needs a full going over and to be fully set up for maximum playability and tone. (This description is based solely upon my examination and I could be wrong about certain points.)
  2. bmac
    Your description suggests it is a Stradolin, not a copy..

    Bart McNeil
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