Do you have rules?

  1. Daniel Nestlerode
    Daniel Nestlerode
    Hi All,
    I must admit that I haven't been checking this group lately. I bet you haven't either.
    But I have a question I'd like to put to teachers only. So I'm asking here.

    Do you have rules that you share with your students? Something like this...
    Please be on time, whether it is via Skype or in person
    Late arrival will shorten your lesson
    24 hours notice is required for change of schedule, otherwise payment is due whether we meet or not

    Anything I, as the teacher, offer comes as part of your lesson at no extra charge
    I am more than happy to take requests for songs as part of the teaching process
    No charge for existing tabs/notation
    o Creating a new transcription by request will cost 10
    No charge for the use of existing video and audio recordings
    o Creating a new video or audio recording will cost extra
    o The amount will be determined by the hours required to create the product

    All rights to lesson materials, lessons recordings, etc are --unless owned by a third party-- are the property of the teacher
    You have my permission to use them for your educational benefit.
    Please check with me before sharing anything, especially with the public, unless it is already publicly available.

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