Sell or trade my RM!

  1. fredy
    B0ught my RM1 in 2009 to play blue grass but was told it was to loud. Tryed Jazz and blues bu found that they didn.t inspire me. So I put it away and got involved in hawiian music Slack key guitar and steel guitar and even started a band (fred's Fretters) So now I'm willing to trade or sell it for a resonable offer I would trade for a equal valued guitar or cash ANYONE INSTRESTED FRED 831-536-5120 or
  2. Ray(T)
    "....too loud" - try telling that to a banjo player!
  3. JeffD
    Put it up on the classifieds. I am sure it won't last long there.
  4. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Too loud... that's the point (and it can sound just beautiful played softly too). It can cut through an acoustic band just like a telecaster does in an electric band. My bluegrass buddies just love mine (except for one fellow... wait for it... here it comes... he's a banjo player!) I'd keep it forever because it will come in handy later on down the line...
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